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Hulk TV Updates From Entertainment Weekly: Lindelof On The Wish List?


Entertainment Weekly’s Lynette Rice, herself a very reliable scooper when it comes to TV news, has posted an article about new Hulk TV which has some good news as well as some not so good, for those who’d like to see the big green guy back on television.

More From Stan Lee On New Hulk TV

The Detroit Free Press caught up with Stan Lee a few days prior to the Detroit Fanfare convention which will be held this weekend. One thing Stan was asked about in the interview is the possibility of a new Hulk TV series.

Welcome to!

Various media outlets are reporting that a new TV take on The Incredible Hulk might soon be on the ABC Television Network. The project comes from the new Marvel Television department which is run by Jeph Loeb, who is no stranger to Hulk fans as the writer of the critically acclaimed Hulk: Gray as well [...]

Which Incarnation Of The Hulk Would You Like To See?

Here’s our first poll here at… Which version of the Hulk would you like to see on the new TV series?

IGN Weighs In On The Hulk TV That They’d Like

IGN has now posted a column on what they’d like from a new Hulk TV series, from incarnations of the character all the way through to the supporting cast.

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